Nature Walk Safari

Nature Walk safaris

Walking safaris are the purest form of safari. Walking in Tanzania is completely different to game driving. On foot you are a participant in the world of wildlife rather than a spectator, a thrilling and unbeatable safari experience.

Walking is only available in certain areas and can be short day walks back to the same camp or can be mobile where the crew pack up your camp and move it for you – greeting you at the end of your day’s walking journey with sundowners

Walking is where one of the nice Safari experience where by  travelers can see wildlife more easily. We have been doing it for over 10 years – this drive to allow people to reconnect with the environment around them out of the safari vehicle. A light footprint exploration! Taught by the indigenous people of Tanzania, walks are safe, respectful, educational and above all – unique!

We also offer many different walks from our walking camps in the Serengeti and Manyara. For the true adventurer; we also run trans-Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater rim hikes with trekking Fly Camps.