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The vast expanse surrounding the Serengeti covers a large number of diverse and  interesting sites like the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This is almost a critical stop-off for everyone who visits Tanzania on many of the varied African safari holidays offered. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area boasts one of the world's oldest ecosystems, with the park attracting more than 90,000 tourists annually. People taking one of these wonderful group safaris to Tanzania will enjoy the trip with a knowledgeable and experienced guide, who will assist in scouring the immense grassy plains of the Serengeti for the beautiful big cats. If you are fortunate enough to visit the Serengeti National Park during late May or early June, you will witness the amazing natural phenomena known world-wide as the Great Migration.

The Great Migration sees more than a million wildebeest move from the northern hills, down south. Nearly 200,000 zebras make this epic trip together with the wildebeest each year. The wildebeest is good at locating water, while the zebra is smart and is constantly aware of predators and keeps watch for the group. It is an amazing opportunity for animal lovers or naturalists to observe the interconnection of animals and cycle of animal life.

In addition, you might like to add a trip to the Lake Manyara National Park to your safari itinerary, as this is the only place where you will find tree-climbing lions.  The park also is home to amazingly large herds of elephants, making this a perfect holiday photo opportunity.

Another area to consider adding to your group safari in Tanzania itinerary would be  visiting the Masai Mara's lands. This region includes Rift Valley, which is home to the famous pink flamingos.  It is absolutely breathtaking to see these amazing birds in such numbers all together.

Africa safari holidays offers so many opportunities and varieties of activities while visiting this magnificent continent, that choosing exactly what you want to see and do and what you actually have time for becomes one of the greatest challenges, as you try to schedule in as much as possible during your trip.  The important thing is to include everyone in your decision while you carefully select the places and sights you all want to try to include in your getaway. This will save you both time and money, as plenty of pre-planning is sure to help you free up time to enjoy your holiday of the lifetime.