Most social service and faith-based organizations often need to rely on volunteers rather than on paid workers to meet their goals and fulfill their needs. These businesses are totally committed to doing good for society and often pick up the pieces where government programs leave off, and by volunteering, we are participating in helping our society meet the needs of people from all walks of life.

Since 2006, Hezron Asunga, owner and founder of Across Tanzania Expeditions, has been donating ten percent of all his profits to an Orphanage in Arusha called the Samaritan Village. He has had a personal relationship with the owner Josephat Mmanyi, for many years and is passionate about both the orphanage and its children, which now number fifty-two.

Susan Mays, Across Tanzania Expeditions, United States contact, also finds that volunteering gives her a great sense of purpose in life. Hezron introduced her to Josephat and his children on her first visit to Tanzania on the last day of her safari, and she, too, fell in love with both. She finds that volunteering gives her an opportunity to make choices in regards to whom she spends her time with and on what issues she feels strongly about, such as when she works with the homeless in the United States. She feels she is then addressing the lack of attention given to this group of people within her country’s governmental programs.

At the Samaritan Village, Susan has helped raise thousands of US dollars at the school in which she was employed as a middle/upper school librarian along with the students to help Josephat constructing the building of a combined library, housing, and medical building. In March, 2018, Susan and her husband, Bill, stayed at the Samaritan Village for four weeks to help Josephat clean, organize, and purchase two new bookshelves for their library. They also spent time playing, doing crafts, reading to, and helping the students with homework during that time.