Renee Rockefeller.

Brian arrived to Central Park day one on his bicycle with a lacrosse net and a backpack of balls. Training started in no time and was non-stop for the next two hours. Brian made my son laugh and he inspired him to play hard. There is no question that Brian is a tremendous athlete and a talented coach. However, what impressed me the most was that while Brian was providing instruction, he never remained on the sidelines. He was running the drills and simultaneously playing with/against my son and continuously challenging him. After working with Brian, my son felt he was better prepared than any other athlete on the field. Brian helped bring his game to the next level. I believe Brian has the ability to take an athlete from any sport and design a training program that fits his or her needs. He truly provides an environment that breeds unstoppable motivation, boundless self-confidence, and limitless success.

Renee Rockefeller. January 2, 2018