Sports Training

Bee In Motion offers private (1v1) training, customized to fit your busy calendar. Our coaches focus on improving sport specific skills, while increasing strength, endurance and overall fitness.

They use a hands-on, guided approach in a way that is fun, effective and catered to your child’s individual needs.

We provide comprehensive updates on the accomplishments, challenges and next steps after each lesson to make sure that you remain as involved as possible in the progress of your child.

More details ...

  • Private sessions can be scheduled for one particular sport or multiple sports.
  • Custom plans are designed to help your child achieve all of their sport and fitness goals.
  • Private training can also be booked for small groups (2-5 children).
  • Our coaches have the same concept of focusing on improving sport specific skills, while increasing strength, endurance and overall fitness, but now with several children.
  • The focus stays the same, but the organization and execution is varied because of the small group. Coaches will have less 1v1 instruction and will be teaching to the group as a whole.
  • Your athlete may feel more part of a team as these small group training sessions use fun, effective drills where everyone is practicing together.

We had a fantastic experience working with Bee In Motion! Brian was very easy to work with and he set us up quickly with Coach Lawrence, who taught two of my children to ride bikes. It was a hassle-free experience, and really fun for the kids. Within a few lessons, each was riding easily and wanted more lessons because it was so much fun to work with Coach Lawrence! He had them doing various “challenges” which made improving their skills really fun and enjoyable.

Meredith S December 30, 2017


Brian… Or as my son calls him Captain America is just the kind of coach any kid needs to build confidence! He has been there to teach my child bike riding, lacrosse, and helped him understand how to think like an Athlete. A true professional that was able to handle even a kid that is resistant to sports.I am forever thankful to him for helping my son think and believe so he is not afraid to engage in activities and understand the value of physical fitness

Laurie Block. December 30, 2017