Frequently Asked Questions

How many coaches will be working at the party?

Most birthday parties will have at least two coaches, but the amount of coaches will depend on the number of children. We like to keep a 10 children-1 coach ratio, but adjustments can be made by request.

What if my child is not sporty?

Not sporty? NO WORRIES! Bee In Motion coaches will design a birthday party that will not only suit the needs of your child, but will have all friends moving, laughing and having fun. There are many games and activities that all children love to play that have nothing to do with sports.

Does Bee In Motion provide tables for my party?

Bee In Motion provides all equipment for games & activities, so everything else (tables, blankets, chairs & tableware) is provided for by the host family.

Do I need to obtain a permit?

Obtaining a permit can take 30 days, so while it’s always recommended to have a permit; it is not mandatory.

Is food provided for the party?

We do NOT provide food, however, we do have recommendations in certain neighborhoods where discounts up to 15% can be applied. We will help you every step of the way including organizing the children to eat, handing out food, drinks and dessert to maximize “activity-time.”

What about bathrooms?

This is always a little tricky, but the majority of the parks we use have a bathroom facility on site.

Where do you host the birthday party?

All birthday parties are held outside in a public park and the two most common are Central Park and Riverside Park, but if there is a park in your neighborhood then we will travel to you. Parties have also been done in Morningside Heights, Williamsburg, BK, Astoria, Queens, Stanford CT, Greenwich CT & Long Island. Parties have and can also be hosted at your indoor space.