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Why Visit East Africa?

East Africa has some of the best grasslands, lovely Maasai and Samburu people, the rich diversity of wildlife, luxurious lodges, and exciting camps. East Africa is the homes of Africa's most famous safari destination - Tanzania. People from across the globe visit the place and experience the great migration with the warm and welcoming inhabitants. This part of the continent also has excellent infrastructure, especially when it comes to the network of airports.

Tanzania- Masai Mara, the Great migration And Natural Wonders

Tanzania is widely known for its natural beauty and amazing people. Some of the most famous safari destinations of the country are the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara, which are located conveniently close to each other. This part is called the 'Northern Safari Circuit' and delivers some of the biggest and best game viewing and East Africa safaris. This part often gets crowded because of the Great Migration, and the game viewing in reserves includes Ruaha, Selous, and Katavi.

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It's been 23 years that we are running Tanzania and East Africa safaris. We have some of the country's oldest and most respected tour guides, who grew up with African wildlife.
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