Tanzania Luxury Safari 6 Days


Entire itinerary can be customized according to your specifications.
Please Contact us for Package Cost and for more information on theinformation

Arrive Arusha

Arrive Arusha, meet & greet.  Stay overnight in Arusha.

Day 1 Safari

Drive from Arusha to Tarangire National Park for game drive and overnight at Tarangire.

Day 2 Safari

Drive to Lake Manyara National Park for game drive and overnight at Manyara or Karatu.


Day 3 Safari


Drive to the Serengeti National Park via Olduvai Gorge (Millions of years ago, the site was that of a large lake, the shores of which were covered with successive deposits of volcanic ash. Excavation work there was pioneered by Louis and Mary Leakey beginning in 1931. Overnight at Serengeti.

Day 4 Safari

Full day game driving in the Serengeti plains, the endless, almost treeless grassland of the south is the most emblematic scenery of the park. Hoofed animals. overnight at Serengeti.

Day 5 Safari

Morning game drive from Serengeti, then drive to the south-east of the park to Ngorongoro Conservation Are. The crater is one of the most amazing sights of the world to be seen anywhere. Stay overnight at Ngorongoro.

Day 6 Safari

Descend into the Ngorongoro Crater for tour of the crater. This is a world heritage site, the incomparable NgorongoroCrater,the world’s largest “caldera”. Afternoon drive back to Arusha and overnightint Arusha.

End of Serive

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  • The Ngorongoro crater floor is an earthly paradise with about 30,000 animals, one of the most populous Tanzania wildlife safari destinations in the world.

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    • DY – Nothing against him as a player. He’s the most dominant defensive big man in a long time. I just find his off-the-court stuff grates on me and I’d prefer not to root for him if I had the choice. Also, having grown accustomed to Kobe the killer, I’m not a huge fan of his huge cartoonish smile in the middle of intense playoff games. Partnered with Kobe, I think it wo#1nd&u82l7;t be an issue though. I’d just rather go after Chris Paul than Dwight Howard, but there’s no denying he’d take our team to another level.

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