Diving & Snorkeling

Diving on Zanzibar offers you a stunning underwater world with schools of tropical reef fish, turtles, dolphins, nudibranchs, and beautiful hard and soft coral formations.

We dive mainly around the Mnemba Atoll, which is regarded as the best diving area on Zanzibar. Our location allows us easy access to Mnemba dive sites. We can also reach the north-east coast reefs that offer many beautiful corals and fish as well.

Some dives are done on the walls, some on the sloping reefs and others over the sandy bottom with rocks full of corals and fish. The dive sites are suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced.

We go on two dives a day, usually leaving from the dive center in the morning and coming back around lunch time. The plans for the dive sites are made on a daily basis and depend on the tides, weather, sea conditions, and the size and experience of the group. During the surface interval, between the dives, we stay on the boats and we serve snacks, fruits, and water. Most of the dives are done at the maximum depth of 14 to 18 meters.

As a special trip we offer diving on Shanes Reef near Nungwi. It is a great place for experienced and beginner divers with lots of life and strange creatures such as leaf fish, different types of scorpion fish, nudibranchs, and even frog fish and sea horses.


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A lot of this magic underwater world you can also admire from the surface while snorkeling. For those who prefer to stay on the surface, we invite on a snorkelling trip to Mnemba Atoll. Sometimes we combine divers and snorkelers on one boat and sometimes we send them separately. It always depends on the situation. There is always one of our team members guiding the group in the water and making sure that everyone is safe and happy. There is a very good chance to see dolphins while snorkeling.